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 Basic Server Info

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PostSubject: Basic Server Info   Tue May 13, 2008 11:33 pm

L2 Loyal C4 PvP Server

Basic Features:

-45x Experience
-C5 Skills (Read Below for More Info)
-Global Gks
-Town Npc Buffers
-15 Minute Prophecies
-Custom Areas
-Spawn Peace Zones
-Custom Armors & Jewels& Weapons
-Sub / Noblesse/Olympiad(2 Weeks )
-Modified C3 Areas. ( Your favorite areas )
-Weekly sieges.

Other Features

C5 Skills

-C5 skills are already ingame but you may only get them from your master on cost of SP(skillpoints).

S Grade Weapons

-They are sold at the shop for a High Price but you may drop them from mobs at Elven Fortress, and s.a ones in Giants Cave.

Custom Areas

-Giants Cave : Custom Party area mobs drop S.A S grade Weapons and Runes.
-Abandoned Coal Mines: Xp Areas and Mobs drop runes.
-Cave Of Trials : High level area and contains the mobs you need to complete your sub / nobless Quests .(Moonstone / Hellfire )
-Dragon Valley Caves (DVC) : Remodified exprience zone.
-Beehive : Mantras


-For Sub Class you have to kill all bosses that the Quest requires, Blooded Fabric is being sold at the shop and you need to farm for your moonstone in either Blazing Swamp or Cave of Trials.

For more detailed information regarding the server features, click here.
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Basic Server Info
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